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Pull Request Health

What is “Healthy”?

Signs of health include:

Finding Your Data

The pull request measures are graphed in the service catalogue and available in raw form in the data repository.

To access graphed data:

To plot your own visualisation or process this data in a different way, use the raw data in the data repository.

WIP Examples

Work in progress (WIP) is the total number of pull requests open or in draft state. This is captured at the start of each week. For example the repository containing git-flutter CLI has a WIP of:

CLI WIP graph

This is the WIP for a different repository:

Another WIP graph

Lead Time Example

Lead Time is the number of hours between a PR being ready to review and merged or closed. It excludes Sat and Sun as these are expected to be non-working days. This provides an indication of how long pull request merge times are for an individual repository or a group of repositories.

For example the lead time across all repositories in the inner source automation capability is:

Lead Time Graph

The 75th and 90th percentile lines can obscure the variance in the median. The visibility of any line can be toggled on/off by clicking on the legend box so the percentile lines can be removed as needed:

Lead Time Graph Median Only