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init Command

The git flutter init command is used to define and config your chosen SDLC. The SDLC configuration is stored in the this-codebase.json file in the root directory of your repository. You should not need to edit this file directly yourself, instead using the init command to define what you want which will edit this file for you.

  git flutter init [command]

Available Commands:
  gitflow     gitflow command

Global Flags:
      --cache string                application cache file (default "/home/runner/.git-flutter.cache.v9")
  -f, --fetch-expiration duration   time till fetch remote again (default 1h0m0s)
      --no-check-version            doesn't check for updated version
      --no-network                  doesn't perform network operations
  -v, --verbose                     verbose log output

Use "git flutter init [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Once you have used this command you are responsible for:


To initialise the multiple teams SDLC workflow in your repository with two teams opo and lds first create the this-codebase.json file:

$ git flutter init gitflow --team opo --team lds

Commit and push it to main or master (you may need to use a pull request depending on your existing workflow):

$ git commit -a -m "Switch to multiple teams branching model"

Then create the required develop branches:

git branch opo/develop main
git push -u origin opo/develop
git branch lds/develop main
git push -u origin lds/develop

It is recommended to create the develop branches after merging the this-codebase.json file.

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