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sync Command

The git flutter sync command keeps your branch up to date with repository activity by merging release and hotfix changes.

  git flutter sync [flags]

      --force           override any warnings to continue if possible
  -s, --source string   working directory (default ".")
  -y, --yes             confirm yes to any interactive prompts

Global Flags:
      --cache string                application cache file (default "/home/runner/.git-flutter.cache.v9")
  -f, --fetch-expiration duration   time till fetch remote again (default 1h0m0s)
      --no-check-version            doesn't check for updated version
      --no-network                  doesn't perform network operations
  -v, --verbose                     verbose log output


Sync a Develop Branch

Two teams (opo and lds) are working with the multiple teams SDLC.The Leeds team have just completed a release and merged it to main. As an engineer in the Porto team I need to sync the release back into my team develop branch to integrate the changes.

$ git flutter sync --force --yes
Merges the branch 'main' into branch 'opo/develop' and pushes it to remote

i Merging branches
i Pushing branch to origin

✔ Merged and pushed, all now up to date
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