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Maintaining a Repo

If you have created and now own a repository in Flutter-Global you will need to maintain it or find others to do so. Or you may already be a recognised expert (“maintainer”) for a busy stage 3 inner source capability. This page is a checklist of things to know, have done or be doing as a maintainer whatever your existing inner source experience.

As the heart of your inner source product, you must understand how the Flutter inner source model works. Which stage your product is at will determine the responsibilities of your role as a maintainer. Training or advice on all these topics is available from the inner source team so please get in touch.

Stage 1 Maintainer

A stage 1 maintainer is a technical in-team expert who represents the cross-divisional community of users during the development process:

Stage 2 Maintainer

A stage 2 maintainer is a technical in-team expert who represents the wider community of users and helps that community develop and contribute their own changes. In addition to stage 1:

Stage 3 Maintainer

A stage 3 maintainer acts as part of a distributed team of capability experts across multiple divisions. It is a complex role which requires good collaboration skills as well as technical expertise. To be effective in this role you must first understand the complexity of a stage 3 capability. Beyond your stage 1 & 2 responsibilities your priorities will depend wholly on your capability context but you would be expected to be:

Good luck!

Creating a Repo
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