Inner Source Product Management

by: Rob Tuley

At Flutter we inner source our “Global Betting Platform” to re-use it across many of our brands. In this video I ask Phil Boynton a Principle Product Manager about how product management works for this platform (11 mins):

Priority and Roadmaps

In an inner source product the priorities are defined by each contributing group. In the Global Betting Platform (gbp), this means each division defines their own priorities to evolve the platform for their needs. There is no single backlog or roadmap – each division creates their own.

Working Together

All the divisional product teams do work together however to identify opportunites for feature re-use or where their priorities align and they can work together. Various forums are used to promote discussion between the divisional product teams. The “Product Representative” label is used to help identify the relevant product experts in each area in each division.

Unpopular Work

Many areas of the Global Betting Platform operate at stage 3 of the inner source pyramid and a common challenge is how to assign “unpopular” work – work that everyone agrees is critical and should be done, but work everybody would prefer someone else to do! This is where clear technical ownership of the inner source service is essential. Often this work is agreed as a divisional project after some negotiation. It can also be co-ordinated through the maintainers as smaller pieces into various contributing teams. Larger strategic projects can also be executed by teams funded directly from the Flutter group function.

Further Reading

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by: Rob Tuley
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