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Inner Source Pyramid

Inner source is defined as:

The use of open source principles and practices for software development within the confines of an organisation.

Inner source products within the Flutter group can be used by any internal team, and are open to contribution from any of our ~4000 engineers in any division or location. For example, a global betting platform is shared across many divisions and brands with each team actioning their own priorities within it (find out why).

At Flutter we divide each inner source product into capabilities, with each capability encapsulating something meaningful to us and our customers. Example capabilities within our betting platform are the product catalogue, bet placement, cashout, content filtering, virtual sports and so on. Inner source is a broad term so within Flutter we define 3 stages in the inner source pyramid:

This is visually represented as the Inner source pyramid because:

  1. Each stage builds upon the previous one and is not possible without it.
  2. It reflects the volume of capabilities at each stage with only a few requiring stage 3.

Higher stages in the pyramid are more complex, and that complexity is only justified if the circumstances require it (e.g. a high volume of contribution). Each inner source capability has an optimum position in the pyramid, the rest of the docs in this section help you reach that optimum.

Choosing Inner Source