Inner Source Academy

Learn whether and how to inner source.

Should You Inner Source?

Learn what Inner Source is and why you might choose it compared to the alternatives.

Get Started with the Pyramid

If you want to inner source you need to use the inner source pyramid as a map for your journey through the steps required.

Inner Source Roles

Learn about the different inner source roles and org structures that can drive your success.

Improve your Inner Sourcery!

Advanced topics to help those already practising inner source optimise their culture, process, and tools.

Get Started with Video

Watch an 8 minute video introduction to choosing Inner Source and an explanation of the Inner Source pyramid from Rob.

At Flutter

Inner source is the use of open source principles and practices for software development within the confines of an organisation. At Flutter we inner source our strategic group platforms and frameworks to share them between our different brands. We’ve invested in inner source methodology because our brands working together gives us a winning edge over our competitors.

Watch 3 minute video overview of inner source at Flutter.

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