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Flutter Inner Source

Guides and documentation from the Flutter inner source community.

Winning Together with Inner Source

Inner source products within the Flutter group can be used by any internal team, and are open to contribution from any of our ~4000 engineers in any division or location. We use inner source to leverage the scale of our business by improving our products at a speed and quality that our competitors can’t match. For example we inner source the same betting platform across many divisions & teams with each actioning their own priorities within it. Read more about how this works by exploring our stages of inner source maturity…

Our inner source portfolio is contained in the Flutter-Global GitHub organisation. GitHub recommends a flat single-org repository structure like this for inner source to simplify access control and consistent team management. At our scale with thousands of inner source repositories extra structure and conventions are required so we group repositories by “capability” and provide automated tooling to work on these repository groups. Read more about our GitHub conventions and automation…

This public site is for Flutter staff who have not joined our Flutter-Global GitHub org or those outside of our organisation who are interested in our inner source practices. If you are already an active member of our inner source community you should use our internal docs site at which has extra internal-only content.

Confused already? Don’t panic! Try our getting started guide. You can jump in halfway through if you need to learn a particular topic: using a repository, making a contribution, working with CI, or creating and maintaining a new repository.

Good luck! Remember when you get stuck, or just want to discuss or share something – there is an inner source community within Flutter to help you. Come and join in!