The Pyramid in 8 Minutes

by: Rob Tuley

In an effort to get across core inner source concepts I’ve created a short video that explains what inner source is and how we use pyramid of different stages to understand the inner source journey (8 mins):

Inner source describes a range of practices so at Flutter we define 3 named inner source stages in the Inner Source Pyramid to help us discuss and agree operating models more precisely:

These stages are visually represented as a pyramid because:

  1. Each stage builds upon the foundation of the one below and is not possible without it.
  2. It reflects the volume of services at each stage with only a few requiring stage 3 “maintainers in multiple teams”.

Higher stages in the pyramid are more complex, which is only justified if the circumstances require it (e.g. a high volume of contribution and/or teams involved). Each inner source capability therefore has an optimum position in the pyramid, and a higher stage does not mean “better” – it just means “more complex”.

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by: Rob Tuley
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category: Academy