Branching Models in 7 Minutes

by: Rob Tuley

Recommended branching model patterns explained in under 7 minutes!

I put this short video together covering 3 branching models used in Flutter-Global to explain the reasoning behind the multiple team branching and recommended use of git SemVer tags. This model is proposed for adoption by various gbp services in 2023 to help the teams collaborate more effectively. The disadvantage of this approach vs reviewed source (“GitHub Flow”) is its complexity and delayed integration between teams. So good training material is required to understand the choices and tradeoffs between team independence vs delayed change integration.

I created the video animation using SVGator, recorded a voiceover using Quicktime, then used iMovie on my Macbook to weave the 2 together. Easier than I expected, and pleased with the outcome.

For more information and setup instructions for each branching model:

by: Rob Tuley
tags: Video Branching Pull Requests
category: Academy