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git flutter CLI

The Git Flutter CLI is a tool to save you time when using standard SDLCs from your computer’s command line.

  git flutter [command]

Available Commands:
  feature        Create a feature branch for your work.
  help           Help about any command
  hotfix         Create a hotfix branch based on the config file
  init           init commands
  list           Generates lists for portfolio view
  release        release command
  status         Displays the status of the current repo
  sync           Syncs the current branch (if needed)
  tag            tag command

      --cache string                application cache file (default "/home/runner/.git-flutter.cache.v9")
  -f, --fetch-expiration duration   time till fetch remote again (default 1h0m0s)
      --no-check-version            doesn't check for updated version
      --no-network                  doesn't perform network operations
  -v, --verbose                     verbose log output

Use "git flutter [command] --help" for more information about a command.


The git flutter extension can be installed on macOS, Linux or Windows.

Getting Started

Your usage of this tool will depend on your choice of workflow and branching model. This section contains reference documentation for each command, and your chosen SDLC will document its usage for that specific approach.


The CLI is supported by the Inner Source Team who can be contacted for help & support. By all means raise bugs/feature requests as GitHub issues in the fsc-cli-tool repository. Direct feature or bugfix contributions are also very welcome.

Install Git Flutter