Multiple Team CLI

Instructions to use the git-flutter CLI with your repository as multiple team source.

This public content is an excerpt from Flutter staff GitHub docs. It is published as a reference to show how GitHub is used for inner source at Flutter.

git flutter is a command line tool supported by the inner source team. Its purpose is to make working with the standard common source setups easier.


An detailed installation guide is available here, but for most this is:

curl -o- | bash

View repository status:

git flutter status

Ready to try it?

The sandbox-mt repository is a sandbox area for you to use.

Create a Feature

From your develop branch:

git flutter feature "my feature name"

To push your work and open a PR to your develop branch:

git flutter push -w

Create a Release

From your develop branch:

git flutter release "name or version"

To semver tag a beta build:

git flutter tag

To create a release PR into main:

git flutter push -w

… and once the release is merged to main tag the final build:

git checkout main
git flutter tag

Sync Branch

To update the current branch with upstream changes:

git flutter sync

You must be a maintainer to synchronise develop or release branches.

Hotfix Previous Version

To hotfix a previous version (in this case 2.1.0):

git flutter hotfix "my fix name" --tag=2.1.0

This will create a support branch if necessary.

Branching Model