Get Started

A brief summary of the essentials for using the Flutter-Global GitHub org.


Get Access

  • If you are a Flutter employee you can request access via your divisional service desk (e.g. search JIRA service desk or your local confluence for “GitHub”).
  • You will then be able to then join your divisional org via your Okta apps portal (the GitHub tile).
  • Approx ~1hr after joining your divisional GitHub org, you will be invited to Flutter-Global, the shared cross-divisional GitHub org. Accept this invite within 7 days.
  • If you’re not yet part of Flutter, we’re likely hiring somewhere near you.

Find Repository or People

  • Use the site search in the top bar with the repository or person name.
  • Browse via the service catalogue or Flutter-Global GitHub UI.
  • Use direct URLs:
  • The “community” section in the repository catalogue page lists maintainers and contributors with contact details if available.

Use Repository

  • You will have default read access to most repos; and default write access to some repos.
  • If GitHub repo URL gives you a 404, it is private and you need to request access from maintainers.
  • Repository or files should get you started.
  • The repository capability (if exists) may also have some docs to help.
  • If you an unfamilar with GitHub, the courses on GitHub Skills will help.
  • GitHub is so widely used if you get stuck a web search usually provides the answer.
  • If still stuck ask listed maintainers or use general support.

Manage Repository

  • You can create a repo via GitHub UI (name convention is lower case name with dashes).
  • You can create an Internal visibility repository: this means it has default read access for all Flutter engineers. If this is not OK, request Private via support. Public is not for this org.
  • You will own, administer and be responsible for the security of your repository. PII or sensitive access secrets should never be in it.
  • To manage many repos, learn and use the Codebase Governor conventions. You can add existing repos to a capability so you do not need to immediately start this way.
  • You can manually manage access teams, or use the automated all-flutter-global team to reference all members.
  • Unless you are a GitHub expert, we recommend choosing common source setups as documented in this area. We prioritise support and automation features for these “golden path” standard setups.

Good luck! If in doubt, please ask.